SAP SuccessFactors powers holistic development of human capital at the rate of change

SAP SuccessFactors is the largest provider of cloud solutions for enterprise execution with a focus on human capital management.

This platform provides a 360-degree vision that allows companies to effectively manage the full productive potential of their employees, ensuring the alignment between the functional area responsible for human capital and the strategic objectives of the organization.

It is a collaborative solution that allows members of the organization to manage human talent, promoting the standardization of human resources-related processes throughout the organization, optimizing performance and accelerating development of critical competencies so that each collaborator reaches his or her full potential.

SAP SuccessFactors combines, for the first time in a single solution, the strategic, tactical and operational activities related to human capital management.

SAP SuccessFactors Components

Organizational Planning

The SAP SuccessFactors Organizational Planning tool enables the generation of organizational prototypes through the design of business models and scenarios that use real company data: staffing (headcount), recruitment data, turnover rate, retirement age and information associated with employment costs, to create strategies that prepare the company for the future.

The Organizational Planning tool
will allow the company to:

Workforce Analytics

The SAP SuccessFactors Workforce Analytics Execution Tool enables the generation of specific data and statistics related to company personnel, providing critical information that allows the management to action strategies aimed at business development.

The use of Workforce Analytics will ensure information for the planning of personnel strategies:

Talent Management

SAP SuccessFactors provides organizations with an intuitive, collaborative and integrated solution to generate value in critical talent management processes.

SAP SuccessFactors Talent Management modules are the undisputed ally of management, employees and the functional area responsible for human capital. It is a fundamental enabler for the full development of the maximum potential of individuals and the alignment of all towards organizational strategy.


To attract and hire the best talent, streamlining processes and using the best sources of recruitment available.

It has extensive collaboration and integration capabilities between areas that require talent, the candidates applying for vacant positions and the human capital function responsible for recruiting and selecting staff.


Guide and connect the new recruits to achieve a fast and productive integration into the organization.

It allows a quick adjustment of new employees to the company, making available the induction model that best suits the position in an organized and structured way, and enabling specific content for each collaborator. It also empowers the configuration of a consistent and complete process on each recruitment.


Develop and train employees, partners, customers and suppliers to ensure the adoption of critical knowledge and regulatory compliance.

It allows alignment of organizational knowledge development to the company’s strategy through the design of a mixed training scheme; it has its own and third-party content for the benefit of the organization. It has extensive functionalities for the development and integration of selected training catalogs to cover every opportunity for knowledge expansion and skill development.

Objectives and Performance

Align and track the significant employee activities needed to accurately achieve the development of objectives, managing the performance assessment and estimation process.

It contributes extensively to the achievement of objectives, ensures the organization of work and the alignment of employees with the strategies of the organization. It provides extensive benefits for the development of various performance management tools such as 360-degree instruments, performance calibration, cascade of objectives, among others.


Enables management in generating a compensation culture based on objectives achievement and ensuring compliance with budget planning

It allows the application of best compensation practices to ensure the appropriate level of external competitiveness and internal equity, achieving the commitment of employees to extraordinary performance.

Succession and Development

Identify and develop the talent needed to strengthen the company and achieve its business objectives.

Through the preparation of a strategically consistent succession process, it guarantees the organization the development of the skills and motivation of the employees that allow the achievement the fundamental objectives of the business.

Employee Central

Simplify human resources processes to improve operational effectiveness and the visibility of the workforce.


Manage the payroll process ensuring legal compliance, efficiency and effectiveness of processes.