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Operational Continuity of IT Solutions

Operational continuity and technical support ensure that the levels of infrastructure and transactional support on any of the platforms we represent are always operational and available, and that in the face of a possible presence of critical incidents an effective diagnosis indicating the need for a total or partial change of a configuration, data or program can be established. Support for operability and issues correction should be addressed with minimal impact to users and within previously defined as acceptable timelines. These agreements are known as Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

CSCorp offers its customers an on-site or remote support service that allows professional support and advice in their operational continuity, once any of our solutions have been implemented. Cases and incidents are dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the SLA, through the channels and monitoring tools previously defined, with a proven methodology and guaranteed satisfaction.

The features of the service offered by CSCorp make it highly competitive and interesting for organizations that need to reach their full potential: