Take your business wherever you go

It’s a mobile enterprise application platform designed to simplify the task of building apps that connect business data to mobile devices for workflow management and back-office integration. SAP Mobile Platform provides a middleware layer between heterogeneous back-end data sources, such as relational databases, applications, and enterprise files, and mobile devices that need to read and write back-end data.

Application developers write the business logic of a mobile app using the development tools in SAP Mobile Platform. The product automatically performs the translation required to create custom versions of the new app for a wide variety of mobile devices and operating systems. The intent is to make it easier and faster to build complex applications that use multiple data sources and will work on many different mobile devices.

Mobile apps are the communicating future of companies, as many customers use smartphones or tablets and access app stores to install on their devices these small programs designed to facilitate the day to day. There are hundreds of different applications with very different uses; and having an open design can also serve your own business and specific interests.

How can SAP Mobile help IT?

SAP Mobile can help your department easily build and deploy mobile apps to drive your business opportunity. Applications are a new way to communicate with the customer by providing a unique space for information and interaction. With SAP Mobile, IT itself can create an existing app or customize an existing app to reach hundreds of users using an app store.

How can SAP Mobile help IT?