Information empowers organizations

SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics

The implementation of the SAP ERP business solution provides the data, historical and transactional information required by the business. Data is intelligently organized and grouped, enabling the application of mathematical, statistical, and financial formulas needed for analysis. It has a logical data organization that generates the management KPIs, which allow for planning of future actions to improve and enhance the performance of the areas.

Each functional area organizes, combines and analyses organizational data in order to generate results and critical information for decision-making, in some cases incorporating, in addition to information from the transactions and own businesses: products, sales, collections, costs; data from sources outside the organization: market growth, macroeconomic information, foreign exchange rates, among others.

With SAP BI Business Intelligence your organization will benefit from all the capabilities that will turn data into profitable information, enabling companies to learn through past data and results to be able to predict future situations in a variety of scenarios. It translates into the ability to generate well-informed decisions: based on facts and data.

The SAP BI Solution consists of six tools that respond to operational, tactical and strategic information needs.

SAP BI (Business Intelligence) 

Provides the organization with the necessary and updated information for the design of key performance indicators (KPI).

SAP BO  (Business Objects) 

Allows the integration and centralization of analytical data with which it will be possible to create, publish or manage reports, dashboards, scorecards, advanced analysis in an efficient, secure and controlled manner.

SAP BW  (Business Warehouse):

Business Data Warehouse provides flexible information and analysis tools to support decision making.

Leverage enterprise-wide data to gain and share unprecedented insights to compete boldly in today’s digital economy. SAP Lumira combines self-service BI discovery and visualization with interactive dashboards and analytics applications.

Create, deploy, and maintain thousands of predictive models with SAP Predictive Analytics software. This on-premise product can help you anticipate future behaviors and outcomes – and guide better, more profitable decision making across your digital business.

Create a clear picture of your business based on data from virtually any source. This intuitive business intelligence (BI) and reporting tool helps you provide your colleagues, customers and partners with the information they need in the format of their choice. Integrate with popular solutions to add data visualization, dashboards and more.