Perfect your skills with online training and enablement

Develop SAP skills and keep them up-to-date with SAP Learning Hub. This online training and training solution provides easy access to SAP’s latest educational content and an entire community of students. Take advantage of online learning courses at
your own pace, online classes, expert-led live sessions, and collaborative social learning rooms, from anywhere, for an affordable subscription fee.

Empower your workforce – Energize your digital transformation with the right skills.

Learn your way, on your own time, with 24/7 access to SAP training and social learning relevant to your role, whether you’re an IT professional, project member, SAP partner , business user or university student.

With SAP Learning Hub:

There is an edition of SAP Learning Hub for your needs

SAP Learning Hub, business edition

Give business users of all skill levels relevant online training in SAP software solutions – whether in a small or medium-sized business or in a large-scale enterprise. Deliver high-quality, on-demand core digital training content and access social and collaborative SAP Learning Rooms.

SAP Learning Hub, solution editions

SAP Learning Hub, solution edition helps IT professions develop, improve, and maintain their deployment skills fresh or prepare for certification exams for specific SAP solution portfolios. These concentrated solution editions provide individual digital training resources for your needs within eight areas of the SAP solution and feature 10 hours of practice through SAP Live Access.

SAP Learning Hub, professional edition

This edition helps IT professionals build, improve, and maintain their deployment skills fresh or prepare for certification exams across the SAP portfolio. It offers unrestricted access to up-to-the-minute SAP training – online courses, e-books and more – as well as a dynamic online community environment and social training.

SAP Learning Hub, student edition

Help develop a successful career with postsecondary students with SAP software support. In a personalized training portal, students can use a broad change of knowledge in SAP innovations – and take online training courses at SAP S/4HANA, SAP SucessFactors and other solutions–.

SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP PartnerEdge

SAP PartnerEdge program members get training for sales, pre-sales, marketing, and support roles at Partner Company. Our PartnerEdge edition of SAP Learning Hub provides online training content in different formats, enhanced by virtual collaboration rooms.

SAP Learning Hub, edition for SAP Enterprise Support

Help key users, IT and line-of-business users maximize the value of their SAP software –through access to expert webinars, best practices, tutorials, and more. Access to this edition is included with SAP Enterprise Support and SAP Enterprise Support, cloud edition.

SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition

Try before you buy with SAP Learning Hub, discovery edition – test environment for our on-demand training solution. Registration is free and simple, all you need is a valid email address.